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Company name: Guangdong Kuaishou Robot Technology Co Ltd
Company address: No. 47, Dongkeng section, Liaodong Road, Dongkeng Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
Tel:0769-81063699 Fax:0769-81063696
Business telephone: 13502887010  18820291121
After sales service line: 18922533699

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 GuangDong Keyshow robot Technology Co.,Ltd.formerly known as DongGuan keyshow automation machinery Co.,Ltd.Specializing in industrial robot;robotic arm and other intelligent equipment manufacturing, state-level high tech enterprises.Our products include injection molding machine robot,Stamping robot,CNC machine robot,Die-casting robot,articulated robot,machine vision application,plastic injection machine auxiliary equipment.After about 10 years of development .According to incomplete statistics, Keyshow is Top 10 brand among china industrial robot field.

Year 2008, Keyshow officially entered the field of automation and helping factories deal with the pressure of labor shortage and workers’ salary’s rise.

Year 2009, We begin the production of robot arms ( swing robot,1-5 axis robot,). At the time of Jan 2017, We Gained recognition from nearly 3,000 customers

Year 2010,To meet the automation requirements of manufacturing enterprises outside injection molding manufacturers,We developed the stamping Picking/Feeding robot;CNC feeding/picking robot and other Non-standard automation equipment to committed to providing high quality automatic planning and services for plastic injection , die-casting, electronic, appliance and hardware enterprise.

Year 2011, We established long term cooperation to top brand injection machine auxiliary equipment company and expanded our production range from robots to center feeding system,Dehumidifying drying system,Mold temperature control system,Industrial cold water machine,Crusher Series to improve our service quality.

Year 2012, keyshow Automation optimization management year, We leading-in ERP system to optimize our company management and production process.after that, our company entered a benign orbit of rapid the time of 2012 ending,we opened more than 10 office within GuangDong province and our New plant construction finished.more than 8000Sqm and new build the Longmen machining center,CNC machining center.our monthly capacity over 300 sets.
    Year 2013, In order to provide best service to mainland and oversea customer,we built Anhui&Hefei office;Zhejiang office,Fujian&Xiamen office.our foreign trade department received orders from India,MX,German,USA,Thailand,Brazil,Australian.planning to build office in oversea.

Year 2014, We leading-in ISO9001:2008 Enterprise management system and start the production of stamping robot,CNC feeding/picking robot which Gained recognition from majority of customers .Our company's self-developed six-axis joint robot made its debut at DMP Fair 2014, The flexible, high speed and high repeatable of the display in the field of the exhibition has won the praise of many professionals.

Year 2015, We rise against the wind and our company's production value sales both continue to maintain a trend of more than 30%. after more invest in research and development ,we won 8 national patent certificates ,More product lines; Actively participate in "DMP" 2016 exhibition,our products ,technology and corporate identity gained compliments from Mayor Mr. Hu Chunhua and more municipal leaders.During the second half of 2015,the We have successfully moved into the new factory, with more practical space, more perfect office and production facilities, and we believe that we will provide a strong support for our future development.

Year 2016,In order to optimize the company's process, enhance the manufacturing efficiency, improve product quality and perfect the model structure, We have done a great deal of work and made great achievements, laying a solid foundation for the rapid development of the company in the future. After capital increased and production capacity expanded we officially changed the company name to "Guangdong keyshow Robot Technology Co., Ltd.". In the middle half of the year, we were selected as a "High-tech Enterprise Cultivation Library in Guangdong Province" by virtue of its strong technical research and development strength and officially won the " High-tech enterprise "title.

Year 2017, in line with the market conditions in the new situation, we adhered to the principle of "manufacturing better quality manipulator" and "providing more advanced manipulator application" in parallel. The entire range of manipulator products are upgraded in quality and performance and more segments Market research, providing cost-effective, more technology value-added products; after one year of company colleagues efforts, our development trend continues to maintain a good momentum, more and more customers choose Keyshow brand products.

The future is coming towards us; In 2018, all the keyshow people will continue to work together!

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