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About us

Guangdong Kuaishou Robot Technology Co. Ltd., formerly known as Dongguan city - Automation Machinery Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in industrial robot and manipulator intelligent equipment manufacturing. At the beginning of its establishment, in order to meet the demand of manufacturing automation of injection molding manufacturers, special machinery and high-quality injection molding machine hand full range; after years of steady and rapid development, the company has become the industrial robot (robot) in the industry, with independent R & D, production, sales and service as one of the modern technology intensive enterprises; according to the statistics, the overall strength of the company in the domestic industry manipulator top ten brands.
At present the company products except for injection machines, and strong function and stable performance of stamping / forging manipulator, CNC machine loading and unloading manipulator, casting manipulator, joint robot, machine vision applications, integrated use of plastic machinery auxiliary automation equipment, product application covers automotive, electronics, daily necessities, medical supplies all the industrial manufacturing field.
Based on now, look to the future, all the people dedicated to providing fast planning and service automation products of the highest quality, comprehensive for major customers, "China manufacturing" to "upgrade Chinese made contributions to their own strength, for the early realization of the company quickly become one of the best brand China industrial robot industry" work hard!
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